Privacy Policy (en-us)


RHS International GmbH
Geigelsteinweg 7
85570 Markt Schwaben


Data Protection Officer

No Data Protection Officer is appointed as it is not required under applicable legal provisions.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Our app “” does not collect, store, or process any personal data of users.

Purpose of Data Collection

Since no personal data is collected, there is no purpose for data collection.

Legal Basis for Processing

Since no personal data is processed, there is no legal basis required for data processing.

Disclosure of Data to Third Parties

No personal data is disclosed to third parties since no data is collected or processed.

Data Retention Period

Since no personal data is collected, there is no data retention period.

User Rights

Since no personal data is collected or stored, users have no specific rights regarding the data processed by us.

Use of Third-Party Providers

Our app uses a streaming service provider that provides the videos for our users to watch. This provider does not collect or store any personal data. The streaming service provider is located in Germany.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us at the following email address:

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance

Under the CCPA, California residents have specific rights regarding their personal information. However, since our app does not collect any personal information, these rights are not applicable. If you have any questions or would like more information about our privacy practices, please contact us at: